How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Better Prospecting


It’s not a secret that LinkedIn Sales Navigator has already become the biggest and the most effective lead generation platform for B2B companies. Individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, and huge B2B companies are making sales on this social media platform every single day.


The reason why Sales Navigator on LinkedIn is so powerful today is that it allows you to easily find your target audience and connect with its members with just a few clicks. Taking into account the fact that there are more than 400 million active members on LinkedIn, you receive an ability to reach thousands of highly targeted leads for your B2B company. Sounds good, right? But how to use Sales Navigator on Linkedin? Let’s have a look at this platform and understand its greatest strengths.


What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Sales Nav is a premium feature on LinkedIn that offers advanced search filters, allows the unlimited number of profile views and provides its users with numerous awesome benefits. Even though the tool is quite pricey (around $80 / month) and might be expensive for the majority of small business owners, LinkedIn offers a 30-day free trial to give Sales Navigator a shot and see whether it’s worth investing.


How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

1. Lead Builder

The biggest advantage of Sales Nav is the ability to reach out to your target audience.
You can filter users in LinkedIn Sales Navigator by:

  • Keywords
  • Geography
  • Relationship
  • Industry
  • Title
  • Function
  • Seniority level
  • Company
  • Company size


The Advanced Lead Search also allows filtering by company headcount, function, seniority level, years in current positions and other important filters that are not available on free LinkedIn accounts.


Moreover, Sales Navigator allows to filters search results and show users that either recently changed jobs or recently made a post on LinkedIn or shared the experience with you or became popular in the news.

Sales Navigator also gives an ability to find those users that follow your company page on LinkedIn.

In other words, the lead builder is the most effective premium feature that makes LinkedIn Sales Navigator absolutely worth trying.


2. Save as Lead

Sales Navigator allows you to save LinkedIn users as leads for your business. Once you do that, the user will be transferred to a separate section in your dashboard. In addition to having all your leads gathered in one place, you’ll be getting regular updates on those users.

You finally received a chance to focus on your leads, warm them up by liking or commenting on their updates and then transforming these leads into customers for your company. Sounds awesome, right?


3. InMails

LinkedIn allows sending private messages (also known as InMails) to anyone on LinkedIn. The number of InMails is obviously limited and you can send up to 20 InMails if you have a Sales Navigator account.


Most LinkedIn users underestimate this feature, however, it’s a great way to contact influencers in your niche. Engage with them by liking their posts, leave a comment and then send an InMail.


Do not be spammy and never try to sell your product or service right away!




4. CRM Integration

Would you like to transfer your contacts from SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics into LinkedIn? It’s not a problem anymore since Sales Navigator offers a complete integration of these two most popular CRM platforms with your LinkedIn account.

5. Sales Navigator Team

If you have a sales team on LinkedIn, there is another cool feature for you then.
Sales Navigator Team grants your marketing team with an ability to work together on reaching your goals. What benefits can you get from this tool?


Each of your sales team members gets an ability to:

  • send 30 InMails / month;
  • save up to 5000 leads;
  • integrate with their own SalesForce / Dynamics accounts;
  • access TeamLink, another feature that allows reaching more audience by using connections that belong to your team;
  • regular reports to monitor overall sales performance.


How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Effectively?

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you have an opportunity to connect with highly targeted leads for your B2B company. The only thing you need to understand is that 70% of your efforts on LinkedIn depend on the audience you are planning to reach. Therefore, you have to identify your buyer persona and use filters in Sales Nav to remove the rest of the crowd.


The idea is to forward the right message to the right audience and LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most effective tools that is used by thousands of successful entrepreneurs and marketing professionals all over the globe. Do not lose a chance to use your 30-day free trial on Sales Navigator, get a solid number of leads and sky-rocket your business.

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