General Overview

This is a brief introduction on how to use LinMonster to automate your entire work on LinkedIn. In this video, we will show you how LinMonster’s dashboard looks like, speak about its main features, briefly show you the process of selecting users from LinkedIn and transferring them to your personal control panel. Enjoy!

How to Send Connection Requests

Learn how to simplify the process of sending personalized connection requests to LinkedIn users and build your network without spending hours and hours on this routine work. The video will show you the entire process of connecting LinkedIn users automatically with LinMonster.

How to Send Messages

Still sending messages to your LinkedIn contacts manually? Automate your work with LinMonster to save your precious time. Watch this video to see how the entire process works, learn the way to make each of your messages personalized, and get useful recommendations from the founder of LinMonster.

How to Visit and Endorse Profiles

This video will show you how you can get extra attention from your target audience by simply visiting their profiles, speak about the benefits of endorsing your LinkedIn contacts, and give useful advices and recommendations, which you can easily implement into your LinkedIn strategy.

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