TOP 5 Smartest Strategies on How to Use LinkedIn for Sales


Everybody knows that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful B2B lead generation tools in online marketing. Regardless of the company size, everyone could get tons of benefits from this social media platform for their business. The value of LinkedIn for B2B market is indisputable, however, it will only work if you choose the right strategy. But, how to use LinkedIn effectively and start getting leads and clients from this social media channel daily? Let us show you 5 smartest ways to help you rock on LinkedIn.

Work on Building a Killer LinkedIn Profile

The entire result of your LinkedIn efforts depends on how professional your profile is. Read this guide carefully and implement everything you learn here.

The very first thing your potential clients will see after clicking on your profile is your profile picture. Never use the logo of your company. Businessmen want to deal with real people, not companies. Your own photo would be perfect. Just make sure it’s professional and there is a smile on your face 😊

Your headline should be catchy and contain the keywords you want to be found for. Moreover, it would be great if you reach at least 501 1st level connections for social proof purposes and edit your LinkedIn URL to make it look more professional.


The next step is creating a nice background image. Have a look at the background image you have at the moment and determine whether it clearly represents your business and its benefits. Simply hire a designer on Upwork for $10 and receive a great background picture in return. Remember the size of the picture should be 1584x396px.

It’s crucial to have an informative “summary” section. There is no need to write a lot here. Just make sure your message is directed toward your target audience and speaks on how they can solve their problems and satisfy their business needs by using your product or service. Your summary must generate a desire in the heads of your target audience to contact you right away. Do not forget about including keywords to increase chances of being found in search results on LinkedIn.

Awesome! You uploaded a professional photo, designed a cool background image, wrote a fantastic summary…now it’s time to add skills to the “Featured Skills and Endorsements” section and get recommendations from people you have previously worked with. Nothing makes your profile more trustworthy than the endorsed skills and recommendations from your clients and partners.

Connect with Your Target Audience Daily and Message Them


Most business owners can hardly imagine the process of getting leads from LinkedIn without growing their professional network. Every user has an opportunity to send personalized connection requests, which is an optional feature on LinkedIn. In order to send a personalized connection request, simply open the profile of the user you want to connect, click “connect” and input the note into the corresponded field. Most influencers on LinkedIn strongly recommend sending personalized connections requests instead of regular ones.

A personal message that is delivered along with the connection request reduces the chances of being rejected by the recipient. The percentage of declined connection requests should not be too high, otherwise, your account will be flagged and, most probably, banned by LinkedIn. Therefore, if you are used to sending regular connections requests, this is the right time to stop doing that and start sending personalized ones.

Once your connection request is accepted, send a welcome message as soon as possible. The goal of this message is to introduce yourself and find out if there is any possibility for both of you to work together. The main problem is that most of LinkedIn users are pushy and offer their services right after the connection request is accepted. Do not be that kind of person. Always try to network with people since this is the only way to succeed on LinkedIn.

Unfortunately, this strategy requires lots of time and efforts even though the benefits might be quite good. You can use LinkedIn automation tools such as LinMonster, which is a cool and easy-to-use Google Chrome Extension that gives you a possibility to automatically connect and message LinkedIn users and save hours and hours of your time.

Engage in LinkedIn Groups

Everyone loves LinkedIn Groups. The reason is quite simple: groups have already become one of the most powerful ways to network with your target audience on social media. But, how to get clients from LinkedIn groups? What is the secret strategy of networking there?

Hopefully, there is no secret strategy. Most people are not active enough to engage in LinkedIn groups. Everything you need to do is to join the groups your target audience is in and start networking. “Post”, “Comment”, “Like”, “Share” and watch the benefits.

Publish Articles on LinkedIn Pulse


Neil Patel, Richard Branson, Marc Benioff and other influencers use LinkedIn Pulse to publish articles and reach their target audience. LinkedIn allows everyone, who has a LinkedIn profile, publish blog posts and news absolutely for free. Once published, it becomes available to everyone on LinkedIn. Moreover, every single person from your network receives a notification right after your blog post is published on LinkedIn Pulse. That’s another awesome benefit of publishing content on LinkedIn. So, why should you lose this fantastic opportunity to get noticed by your potential clients?

The main difficulty is that thousands of articles are published on LinkedIn daily. In order to get noticed, your blog post should be extremely valuable to your network and your writing skills should be fantastic. Hire the freelancers if you think you are a terrible writer and try your best to publish at least once a week.

Download a Spreadsheet of LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn allows users export data of their 1st level connections free of charge. Read this guide to know how you can do that. The spreadsheet contains general information about your LinkedIn contacts, however, the most valuable thing you can receive from this document is the list of email addresses of your 2nd level connections, which you can use for your marketing purposes.

LinkedIn is undoubtfully the most powerful social media platform for those, who are using it for sales prospecting and lead generation purposes. The truth is the lion’s share of LinkedIn users do not develop a strategic plan and simply spam their contacts with sales pitches. Remember that networking is the only powerful way to succeed on LinkedIn and increase your sales. Build a killer profile, send personalized connection requests along with welcome messages using work automation apps like LinMonster, engage with your target audience in groups, publish blog posts on Pulse at least once a week and you will rock on LinkedIn!

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