TOP 5 Linkedin Automation Tools for B2B Marketers


You built a nice-looking LinkedIn profile with a great photo and an engaging summary, crafted an effective marketing strategy for your business, started growing your network to reach more and more LinkedIn users, but suddenly realized it’s taking too much time and efforts to get decent result. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Spending hours and hours of your time on LinkedIn prospecting might bring good results, however, it does not mean that LinkedIn should take most of your time. The majority of marketing professionals always try to find the ability to minimize their marketing efforts and still get solid results in return.

What if I tell you there is a way to completely automate your work on LinkedIn, significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on this social media platform and still receive a decent number of leads for your company?

You probably think there is some hidden catch, right? But there is not. It’s absolutely real.

The reason why you should entirely forget about doing manual prospecting on LinkedIn is that there are too many powerful LinkedIn automation tools that can do this work instead of you and allow you to focus on more important tasks. Most of these automation tools work in a form of a google chrome extension and offer quite valuable features. Let’s have a look at the most popular and successful LinkedIn automation tools and compare their pricing and functionality.


1. LinMonster

LinMonster is a brand-new LinkedIn automation software released in December 2017.



Main features:

  • sends personalized connection requests automatically;
  • allows to automatically mass message your 1st level connections;
  • visits hundreds of profiles automatically to get noticed by your target audience;
  • auto-endorses skills of your 1st level connections to get endorsements in return and boost profile;
  • tracks your daily activity on LinkedIn and gives stats to make your work comfortable and safe.

LinMonster has an amazing UI and this google chrome extension is compatible with LinkedIn Basic, Premium and Sales Navigator accounts.

The biggest advantage is that it allows you to connect with premium LinkedIn users only. And you need to do that since users with premium profiles are more likely to purchase your product/service in comparison to users with free accounts.

Moreover, you can use LinMonster on multiple LinkedIn accounts simultaneously, therefore it has already become a great tool for marketing teams that manage more than 1 LinkedIn account.


Pricing: $39 / month, 7-day free trial.


2. LinMailPro


Among other LinkedIn automation tools, LinMailPro is probably the oldest software available.


Image result for linmailpro image


Here is how it works: you select the users from LinkedIn and transfer them to LinMailPro. Once these users appear in your personal dashboard, you will be able to send automated connection requests and messages. LinMailPro allows you to tag and untag users and download/upload user lists.

LinMailPro cannot be found in Chrome WebStore, therefore the only way to install it to visit their website and contact their customer support team for a link.




Pricing: $58.50 / month, no free trial.


3. eLink-Pro

eLink Pro is a great choice for those who want to improve their LinkedIn strategy and get some extra attention from their target audience.

So, what can you do with eLink-Pro?

eLink-Pro is a google chrome extension that simply allows you to visit up to 800 LinkedIn profiles per day. Most probably, you have no idea why you actually need to visit so many profiles on a daily basis. The idea is pretty simple: once you visit somebody’s profile, they get a notification that you have viewed their profile and 10-15% of users visit your profile in return, read your summary and may contact you in regards to your product/service.

eLink-Pro is obviously not the most effective LinkedIn automation software available on the market, however, it’s worth trying.


Pricing: $49 for the 1st month, thereafter $95 per month, 5-day free trial.



4. GetProspect

If you are interested in getting an email marketing database, then GetProspect is everything you need.

GetProspect uses LinkedIn’s API and allows you to select search criteria and receive a list of cold leads. The list contains the following information: full name, company name, corporate email address, website, LinkedIn URL.



You can export the list to the XLS file and then use in your email marketing campaigns.
Even though the service is quite pricey, however, it may bring nice results for your company.


Pricing: depends on the amount of leads in the list, $99 for 10,000 leads & $299 for 50,000 leads.


5. Rapportive

Rapportive is another cool add-on for LinkedIn that connects with your Gmail account and transfers LinkedIn profile information into your Gmail. Sounds complicated, right? 🙂



Here is how it works:

When you go to your Gmail account, create an email and input your recipient’s email address, you will see the person’s LinkedIn profile information at the right side of your screen (if this person is your 1st level connection, of course).

The same will happen if you receive an email from your 1st level LinkedIn contacts.

Rapportive was not designed to bring you hundreds of leads, however, it can slightly simplify your life.


Pricing: Free, but there are premium features.



LinkedIn is the most powerful B2B lead generation platform available today. If you manage to set up a reasonable marketing strategy and use at least a few tools from the list, I guarantee you’ll rock your business!

Good luck with your LinkedIn Marketing!

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