How to Sky-Rocket Your B2B Business on LinkedIn in 2017-2018


I need you answer a quick question now: what’s the most effective sales channel you use for your B2B company? What brings you the maximum number of clients? If LinkedIn is not your answer, then I would highly recommend you read this article carefully and start implementing everything you get from here into your business. Learn how to use LinkedIn for business and simply understand what is LinkedIn good for!


There is no excuse for those B2B companies and entrepreneurs that have a trending product or service and cannot find an effective way to sell it. If your budget is tight, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on Google AdWords or Facebook ads, simply start being active on LinkedIn and you will feel its power. LinkedIn gives a chance to find your perfect audience, connect with its members, start networking and consequently transform your LinkedIn contacts into leads for your business. The only problem is that networking requires lots of time and efforts. You have to spend at least a couple of hours daily to start getting decent results on LinkedIn.


What if there is a software that can integrate with your LinkedIn account and give you a chance to automatically connect, message, visit and endorse LinkedIn users, have a user-friendly interface and ability to simplify your entire work on this social media platform? The name of this software is LinMonster.


LinMonster is a Google Chrome extension designed by LinkedIn experts with a simple aim to save the time you spend prospecting on LinkedIn by automating your entire work. You can send personalized connection requests automatically, mass-message your 1st level connections, automatically visit and endorse LinkedIn profiles to get views and endorsements back. Not sure whether it is safe and secure? Everything you need to remember is that LinkedIn does not like the excessive activity of its users. Therefore, if you go from sending 10 connection requests or messages to 150 per day, LinkedIn will flag your account and put you in LinkedIn jail. To avoid this unpleasant experience, LinMonster grants you an access to your personal dashboard where you can observe your LinkedIn activity for the last 7 days and ensure the gradual growth of your performance.

Three different ways to generate leads on LinkedIn with LinMonster


Mass Connect and Mass Message LinkedIn Users


Would you like to know how to get followers on LinkedIn without spending much of your time? The process is as simple as this: you build the list of users you want to connect and start sending personalized connection requests. Remember about the gradual growth of your performance and increase your daily limit of sent connections requests by 10-15 users otherwise, you will be flagged for excessive activity by LinkedIn.


Then you build a list of users who accepted your connection request and send a welcome message (without a sales pitch). Do not be spammy and try to network since this is the most effective strategy on LinkedIn.

Automatically Visit Your Target Audience

Most people are quite skeptical about simply visiting LinkedIn profiles, thus they do not want to understand it’s value. Once you visit someone’s profile, they get a notification that you have viewed them. 15-20 percent of LinkedIn users open your profile in return, look at the services you offer, read your summary and sometimes get in touch with you asking for more details. The conversion rate is not that high, but use this feature daily and watch the benefits.


It’s hard to imagine you opening and closing hundreds of LinkedIn profiles manually, right? As you already know, LinMonster can automate this process for you as well. You create the list of your perfect audience on LinkedIn, click “Visit” and LinMonster will start visiting their profiles one by one. Watch tutorials here if you have questions on how to do that.

Automatically Endorse the Skills of your 2nd Level Connections.


Remember what you think when you open someone’s profile on LinkedIn and see a small number of endorsements there. Most probably, this person is not a real professional in his field since other people do not confirm it, right? You definitely want every single person that opens your profile, admire your professional work and get a desire to try out working with you.


Everything you need to do is to make a killer profile and get 99+ endorsements from your LinkedIn connections. LinMonster can give you a hand again by endorsing the skills of your 2nd level connections automatically. According to our stats, 25-30% of the endorsed contacts will notice you have endorsed their skills, open your profile and do exactly the same for you. That’s awesome, isn’t it?


There is no need to spend hours and hours of your time doing all the work on LinkedIn manually. LinkedIn automation tools like LinMonster are available to every single user and can show you how to use LinkedIn for marketing by bringing tons of benefits to your business.

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